Keith Pattinson

Keith Pattinson is a well known North East based estate agent. Pattinson's have 30 locations around the north east and are a leader in their field, being the first estate agent to go fully online back in 2003.


Pattinson approached Thought to redevelop both their internal CRM and property management system as well as their customer facing client websites.

  • CRM & Property management system
    • Complete rebuild of their existing management system
    • Data migration from their old system consisting of many billions of rows data
    • To be used on a variety of devices
  • API
    • To facilitate real time website searching
  • Main Pattinson Website
  • 70 + Partner agent websites
  • Hosting management

Our solution

The CRM & Property management system was broken down into four high level projects

  • Research in to existing components and data
  • Domain design overhaul based on research findings
  • Data migration of existing data to new domain structure
  • Bespoke web-management system to allow staff to login and manage customers, properties, vendors and sales.

The project was built using the latest Microsoft technologies.

For the website we use our open source CMS (Mr CMS) - this allowed us to use our multisite functionality to facilitate the build of 70+ partner agent websites.

To host all of the required facets of the project Thought chose Azure. This has allowed us to had real time replication to the near continent should any issues arise in the UK data center.


  • 43% increase in users to the website
  • 45% increase in sessions to the website
  • Simplified property management and happier staff
  • A modern Azure-ready application with auto scaling and real time replication to europe

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Sessions + 109%
Users + 117%

Revenue + 50%
Visits + 41%

Revenue + 13%
Sessions + 27%