Hotcha is a chinese food takeaway chain currently operating eleven outlets based in Bristol.
Hotcha will be branching out throughout the UK from 2017.


Hotcha has been a client of Thought since 2011. The initial website was taken over by Thought but was designed by another agency who were not able to achieve the goals that Hotcha had. At the time that was multisite functionality and order processing.

The original website ran perfectly and was expanded on to include; an iOS iPhone App and several other features. In 2015 Hotcha approach Thought to redevelop their website. This time there was a focus on franchising and mobile optimization. We wanted to increase online sales and conversion whilst at the same time putting the foundations in place to allow Hotcha to grow.

Our solution

Using our open source CMS framework Mr CMS, we set about designing and building a bespoke application to facilitate Hotcha’s requirements.

Our design team focused heavily on mobile optimization through the use of responsive web design. Something Thought have been doing since 2012, we were able to get some great results.


  • 13% increase in revenue
  • Bounce rate dropped 10% across the board
  • 20% increase in page views
  • 27% increase in session duration
  • 14.8% increase in pages per session

more case studies

Sessions + 109%
Users + 117%

Users + 43%
Sessions + 45%

Revenue + 50%
Visits + 41%